Pulp and paper industry

Scope of work: Demolition of effect 1, 2, 3. Installation of new effects, vapor ducts, circulation pipes and process piping. Welding by 141 and 111 materials 1.4162, 1.4462. Scope include also NDT testing

Replacement of few complete panels ECO1, and all side tubes of old panels ECO1 in the sootblowers area.

Modernisation of a soda recovery boiler consisting of the replacement of certain boiler elements, superheaters, roof, and pipeline work. Access to the work area was made via a hole formed in the left wall of the boiler.

A two-stage renovation of the recovery boiler;

Stage one: Modernisation consisting in replacement of complete superheaters. Removing the old elements and installing new through a hole in the front of the boiler using a specially designed and constructed lifting platform.

Stage two: Modernisation works - replacement of gaskets and repair of damaged pipes in the economiser of the first boiler.

A complicated boiler renovation –comprising the replacement of boiler base; material SAN38/P265GH and parts of the accompanying pipeline. A fully successful renovation completed according to schedule with a high quality of performance.


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