Pulp and paper industry

Dismantling of X-filters, pumps, pipelines and tanks

Economizer replacement.

Erection of preassembled elements of economizer – weight 100 ton per element.

The scope of erection includes wood yard equipment designed for cold climates, with debarking drums,  HHQ chippers and complete system of chips and bark conveyors.
More details about project:

Scope of works: 

Furnace middle part / tertiary openings, Compound

Erected in five (5) blocks

Furnace lower part / Secondary openings & plugging’s, Compound

Secondary openings will be erected in twelve (12) blocks

Furnace lower part / Start Burner Openings & plugging’s, Compound

Start Burner openings erected in four (4) blocks

Furnace lower part Access door opening, Compound

Access door opening will erected in one (1) block

Economizer with headers

Two (2) economizer towers  erected on fourteen (14) blocks.


 Primary air system: Blower + motor, air preheaters, channels, injections
 Secondary air system: Blower + motor, silencer, channels, injections, bent tubes
 Recirculation air system: Blower + motor, channels, injections
 Ash system: Conveyor, channels, sieving machine, ash feeder gate
 Burner: Burner with accessories, blowers, bent tubes
 Fuel chute system: fuel chute + conveyors incl. cover, flange, bent tubes
 Measuring: existing measuring instruments
 Superheater 1 incl. outlet header
 Superheater 2 incl. outlet header



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