Energy industry

Municipal incineration plant at Heimdal – Hot wates accumulation and storage tank
Technical details: Tank: 32 meters high, 16 meters in diameter, volume : 5000m3 working tepmperature 120C


Boiler modernization at Teknecik Power Plant

Renewal of economizer, supporting and superheater 1,2 tubes, downcomer wall exchange

Full scope of NDT works, Insulation and cladding works

Modernization and renovation of the installation for the recovery of precious metals from electronic waste. The project also included a delivery of Inconel – an austenite nickel-chromium-based superalloy – for covering of pressure elements.

The Project comprised the installation of new components to decrease the level of pollutants in a coal-fired power plant. This included a new installation building, associated appliances, exhaust ducts, installation of electro-filters/ electro-precipitators and the modernization of the existing boiler with associated conversion work for compliance of operation with the newly installed components.

The modernisation work comprised the adaptation of the boiler for biomass combustion, including replacing the beam grid / grate, walls and superheaters and the modification of pipe installations and boiler equipment.


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