In the world of business, there is also time for something more...

In this business-oriented world there is still time and place for something more...’

We are deeply involved in supporting art and culture inherent to Krakow. Since the early 1990s, we have supported the Author’s Sculpture Gallery of Professor Bronisław Chromy –  one of the most outstanding Polish sculptors of the last half-century.
In the  renovated Concert Hall in the park of the Villa Decius we have organised concerts, meetings with poets and writers, varnissages and authorial literary evenings. We were one of the initiators and main sponsor of the Piwnica pod Baranami Monument, which can be seen in front of the truly picturesque Gallery of Master Chromy.
Our company has enjoyed a longtime relationship with the folk group Krywań and Jan Karpiel Bułecka, as well as numerous artists and poets of Krakow.

At present our cultural acivities are run through the foundation Novmar's Cultural Circle.
The company's CEO has written a collection of poems With a pinch of salt (,Z przymrużeniem oka') and a book 'My heart belongs to...', which is a compilation of experiences from the author's personal and business life.

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