Welding Experience

The welding work undertaken by Novmar both in the factory and as a service provider is in compliance with the requirements of the norms PN EN ISO 3834-2 and  PN EN ISO 1090-1.

Our extensive experience, gained through projects undertaken by us over the years, for the welding of Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic (CSEF) steels has resulted in the creation and approval of many welding technologies for WPAR/WPQR. These technologies are certified by, among others, the UDT and Force Technology Laboratories.

We also specialise in welding low-alloy steels (gr. 1), boiler steels (gr. 5,6), austenitic steels (gr. 8), duplex steels (gr. 10) and their alloys (a full range of diameters from ø10 mm and thickness from 1mm to 60mm). We also have a wide range of experience in the welding of composite tubes - materials SASNICRO 38, SANICRO 67.

Novmar has its own welders' training school and welder verification centre, where our welders can perfect their skills in methods 111, 131, 136, 141 under the supervision of qualified instructors. Examination of welders takes place under the supervision of IS, UDT-CERT. Once a year the centre is a venue of international courses and exams supervised by FORCE Technology, e.g. in welding composite tubes (SANICRO).

Novmar's welders are very highly valued by our customers worldwide.

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