Non-destructive testing

In the factory there is an independent NMLab laboratory operating in compliance with the PN-EN ISO/IEC17025:2005 standard.
Non-Destructive Testing is performed by certified engineers in compliance with the EN ISO 9712 standards from UDT-CERT and the Welding Institute.

The following testing is done for home purposes as well as on order from outside companies:

  • X-Ray / radiographic
  • ultrasound of metallurgical products
  • ultrasound of welded connections
  • ultrasound measurements (with defectoscope and thickness gauge)
  • magnetic and powder, penetrating, visual
  • tightness and hardness measurements

We also conduct non-destructive testing of thickness of pipeline walls and pressure tools on technological installations in order to create a basic corrosion characteristic of the specific objects for a further determination of corrosion defects.

We also carry out production control and control of production measuring tools.

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